One-handed Bottle Openers

Made from 6065 aluminum that is extruded in the Rocky Mountain Region of the US, GrabOpener takes a unique (and slightly counter-intuitive) approach to ergonomics.  Instead of being gripped or intentionally held the way we're used to using hand tools,  GrabOpener hangs loosely from two fingers and uses the natural motion of your hand grabbing the bottle to engage and remove the cap.  It's strong neodymium magnet lines up the hook, keep the cap from flying off, and holds the opener to the fridge when not in use.  The vibrantly colored openers use a decorative anodizing, while the H-Type distinguishes itself with its "hard coat" anodizing.  This industrial treatment of the aluminum opener gives the design a durable and modern finish.  GrabOpener also makes an awesome beer can opener when the tail is used on pull tabs.